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Young Flower Yoga is dedicated to teaching Mindfulness through practicing Yoga.

Young Flower Yoga consists of not only asanas (physical exercises/ postures), but also proper breathing, relaxation and meditation, positive thinking, and healthy eating.

All is delivered in a joy-filled environment, in the form of Yoga games and inspirational stories suitable for each specific age group. The postures are carefully modified to meet children's developmental needs and abilities.

An early start in practicing yoga helps improve attention and self-regulation. Yoga practice gives children powerful tools to navigate through stress and difficult emotions with Mindfulness, while building body strength and flexibility.

It also helps in building a positive self-image and creating strong mental self-care practices which last for life.

Yoga is a noncompetitive activity that conditions children and youth to deal much more easily with stressful situations. It balances their bodies and minds, and helps in building a strong character, based on universal positive values.